Future Revision

Design  |  Art Direction

Future Revision was a temporary large-scale poetry installation nestled within the heart of Philadelphia at the Rail Park. Cynthia Dewi Oka, and Indonesian-American poet, crafted poem around the concept of the messiness of translation experienced by children of immigrants.

With input from the poet, I designed a billboard that features handwritten and crossed out elements. I also art directed the drone documentation of the project that included a voice-over reading of the poem. The poem is intended to be read two ways so the reel provides important additional context to the audience.

Watch the reel and voiceover below. Documentation by WeFilmPhilly.


  • Design & Art Direction


  • Philadelphia Contemporary


  • The Rail Park, Philadelphia


  • Yolanda Wisher: Curator
  • Cynthia Dewi Oka: Poet
  • V. Shayne Frederick: Project Reel Music